We create innovative, cutting-edge and compact LED lighting solutions with a mission to simplify the entertainment industry.



Jordi Vandekerkhof


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Joren Verpoorten


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Joost Rombaut

Technical Designer

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Cedric Duré

Technical Support

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Dorien Ots

Marketing Coordinator

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PWR Lighting is a top-tier Belgian luminaire manufacturer, dedicated to creating high-quality lighting solutions for the dynamic event and entertainment industry. Our mission is simple: to make your lighting installations more efficient and to offer a carefully selected range of products that enhance your creative vision.

Founded in April 2023 by Jordi Vandekerkhof and Joren Verpoorten, PWR Lighting was born out of a desire to address the lack of distinctive features and unnecessary complexities in the market. Fueled by a passion for efficiency and innovation, we strive to transform the industry with solutions that truly matter. Join us on a journey where your lighting setup exceeds expectations, guided by our commitment to quality and versatility.


At PWR Lighting, customer-centricity is at our core. Our initial product range is the result of extensive multi-year surveys and rigorous trial runs, shaped by insights from industry leaders. We maintain a dynamic feedback loop, translating input into technical solutions to continually optimize offerings for lighting designers, operators, rental companies, and stagehands.

Before official launch, our products undergo meticulous field testing for over a year, deployed across a global spectrum of lighting scenarios. From grand festivals to high-end nightclubs, our approach ensures PWR Lighting not only meets but exceeds expectations. We promise to empower creativity, simplify operations, guarantee durability, and embrace versatility.


In the history of the event and entertainment industry, lighting and audio solutions have been vital for growth.
We acknowledge a point where efficiency got sidelined.

Enter PWR, reintroducing a proven concept: the centralized control system. Our approach blends this enduring idea with cutting-edge technologies, making each PWR Lighting product a self-contained powerhouse. It effortlessly connects durable and versatile LED fixtures, offering flexibility in installation.

With PWR, it's not just a product—it's a commitment. Experience the fusion of tradition and innovation, where our products illuminate spaces and set benchmarks for excellence.